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In 2016, a group of collectors, museologists, community leaders, art dealers, industry entrepreneurs, artists, scholars, and architects united with a mutual belief that the city of Doral deserves a contemporary art museum dedicated to exploring the new

On November 9th, 2017 The City of Doral Council Meeting, addressed by Mayor J.C. Bermudez, took the groundbreaking decision of unanimously approving a motion of the concept and opened the door for the development of the Doral Contemporary Art Museum.

The Museum Board approved to keep the actions to guarantee the development of the project as per the conceptual framework and strategy presented to the City of Doral. The DORCAM is conceived as a space for debate, critical thinking, and local-international dialogue, which offers an intense and diverse program designed for all audiences and ages, contemporary and universal.


Doral Contemporary Art Museum is a catalyst for learning, creativity, and community building.

We accomplish this mission with the integration of an art + industry approach comprised of contemporary art exhibitions, educational programs, community partnerships, and creative economy initiatives.

DORCAM inquires and adapts to the developing definitions of art. We propose a museum in an industrial setting, like no other museum in South Florida that is inspiring and practical, as an audience-centered facility that is always creating new ways to engage our public, as an essential site for lifelong dialogue and exchange.

The Doral Contemporary Art Museum builds upon a program of significant exhibitions and events that emphasize a cross-disciplinary approach to art, architecture, visionary design, industry, and technology innovation. Acknowledging the artwork behind the objects, experiences, and environments that shape our everyday lives — through the accomplished artistic practice galvanizing 21st-century change.